Preview Mondays: SUPERGIRL #7 and FABLES #115

Preview Mondays: SUPERGIRL #7 and FABLES #115

By Alex Nagorski Monday, March 19th, 2012

Last week, we announced Preview Mondays on THE SOURCE, GRAPHIC CONTENT and the new DCE website by showing you exclusive previews of GREEN LANTERN #7 and FAIREST #2. This week’s installment of Preview Mondays has your first look at SUPERGIRL #7 and FABLES #115.


In SUPERGIRL #7, Kara Zor-El must battle an army of aliens after they invade Earth. But what do these invaders want? And is Superman’s cousin strong enough to stop them before they destroy our planet? Find out in SUPERGIRL #7, written by Michael Green and Mike Johnson and illustrated by Mahmud Asrar.


And in FABLES #115, Therese continues her visit to Toyland with the second chapter of “Cubs in Toyland.” But when her journey takes a terrible turn, will it end before it’s even truly begun? FABLES #115 comes to you from acclaimed writer Bill Willingham and artists Mark Buckingham, Shawn McManus and Steve Leialoha.


Click here to see the exclusive preview of SUPERGIRL #7.

Click here to see the exclusive preview of FABLES #115.

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