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An epic horror story written by Mike Carey with stunningly visceral art by Leonardo Manco, JOHN CONSTANTINE: HELLBLAZER — ALL HIS ENGINES is a 128-page original hardcover graphic novel scheduled to coincide with the release of the upcoming Warner Bros. Pictures film Constantine starring Keanu Reeves. When a mysterious worldwide plague puts millions of people into deadly comas — including Chas Chandler's granddaughter, Tricia — Earth's foremost expert on the bizarre, John Constantine, steps in with the "cure." John is happy to do a favor for his oldest and closest friend, but in scratching the surface of this seemingly personal tragedy, he finds a mad demon in a body woven out of cancer cells; a plot to build franchised Hells in the cities of men and unleash a plague of coma cases stretching from London to L.A. To rescue a single innocent child from the clutches of this evil, both John and Chas will have to face temptations they never dreamed of, forging alliances with monsters every bit as terrible as the ones they're fighting. And in the end, when he's out of gas and in the hands of his enemies, the Hellblazer is always up for that one last desperate game of poker...


Colorist Leonardo Manco
Letterer DC Lettering
Penciller Leonardo Manco
Writer Mike Carey


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Jan 19 2005

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