Scott Snyder talks AMERICAN VAMPIRE continues, with a look towards issue #6

When designing the cover for AMERICAN VAMPIRE #6, we wanted something really bold, to announce the new cycle, but we also wanted to be consistent with the feel of the covers that came before. It was a tough job - but as always, Rafa was an incredible trooper, and produced a number of great sketches and ideas. The first two he did were more abstract, more graphic. The first I loved (but was a little too noir-ish), and the 2nd I loved even more.


Over the years the Vertigo imprint has produced smart, shocking and critically acclaimed series such as The Sandman, Preacher, Y: The Last Man, Hellblazer and Fables, to name a few. Now, Vertigo’s latest ongoings are poised to join those legendary ranks.

AMERICAN VAMPIRE VOL. 1 HC—includes tons of bonus features!

Though we’re in the midst of Skinner and Pearl’s first storyline, get ready to look ahead as we unveil the bonus features in this can’t-miss collection on sale September 29 in comic stores and October 5 everywhere books are sold!

Along with the first five issues of the hit Vertigo series — written by Scott Snyder and Stephen King, with art by Rafael Albuquerque — AMERICAN VAMPIRE VOL. 1 includes:


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