The Darkness

And no, I’m not referring to the band. I’m referring to Mr. Dark, you know, the creepy guy who destroyed Fabletown and now has a bunch of zombies working for him. Who is he? What’s his story and how did he end up in that magical box he was released from not too long ago? Find out about his dark past and what a young man named Dunster Happ, who spent centuries at the Black Monastery, has to do with it.

Heroes and Villains

War...again? This time it's within the confines of THE GREAT FABLES CROSSOVER as Mister Revise and the rest of the Heroes gather high power weapons and take on The Genres a.k.a The Villains in JACK OF FABLES #35. Check out these fantastic two page spreads drawn by Russ Braun: [gallery columns="2"] What is Kevin Thorn about to write next? Will the Fables survive? Find out in THE LITERALS #3 next week with a sneak peek on Monday.

No Future for DMZ?

So, that PETER & MAX excerpt is pretty amazing, right? Well, on our first day we had to give you something extra, so we’ve also got a peek at DMZ #42, which goes on sale today, by Brian Wood and Ryan Kelly with cover by John Paul Leon. "No Future" is the beginning of a 3-part story probing an infamous DMZ death cult housed in the city's tallest building. [gallery]


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