House of Mystery preview and announcement!

The Witch Queen seems to think that Fig is very important, but the more time they spend together, the more the Witch Queen has her doubts in House of Mystery #28 written by Matt Sturges and artist by Luca Rossi. Plus, this month's short story is illustrated by cover artist Esao Andrews (FABLES: 1001 NIGHTS OF SNOWFALL) and stars the dearly departed Poet.


Over the years the Vertigo imprint has produced smart, shocking and critically acclaimed series such as The Sandman, Preacher, Y: The Last Man, Hellblazer and Fables, to name a few. Now, Vertigo’s latest ongoings are poised to join those legendary ranks.

Forming a Fables Cult at San Diego Comic Con?

FABLES panels at San Diego Comic Con are always full of excitement. Last year Bill wrote a special one page story illustrated by Mark Buckingham which was handed out exclusively to those in attendance. Well, what’s in store for FABLES fans this year? FABLES writer extraordinaire, Bill Willingham gives us a hint:

I,Zombie #3 preview

Gwen sets out to solve the murder of “dead Fred,” you know, the guy from Halloween. And Spot is finding it really difficult to keep his secret life as a were-terrier from his coworkers.

Now, let’s bask in the glory of Mike Allred’s artwork:



For all you undead out there, the new series iZOMBIE by Chris Roberson and artist Mike Allred launched yesterday. It’s a monster mash-up full of ghosts, vampires, a mummy, a were-terrier, and or course, Gwen, zombie girl detective. Check out some of the coverage and pick up an issue if you haven’t already!

Is CINDY running out of daylight?

From the hot sands of Dubai, to the cold North Sea, to the obscure homeland of Ultima Thule, author Chris Roberson and artist Sean McManus have had us on a thrilling adventure with one hottest fairytale couples. Now, in the conclusion of CINDERELLA: FROM FABLETOWN WITH LOVE, find out if Cindy can handle the source of the mysterious black-market magics trade and if she and Aladdin remain allies. Oh yeah, and what’s to happen to Crispin Cordwainer and The Glass Slipper?


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