Graphic Connection: Vertigo Preview 2012

Vertigo Preview 2012 landed in stores today. In case you didn't get a physical copy at your local retailer yet, you can see the previews from Vertigo's new series launching this March at the outlets below. USA TODAY spoke to writer Paul Cornell about SAUCER COUNTRY and ran the exclusive first look inside issue #1.


The new what? Deadwardians. A new 8 issue mini-series written by Dan Abnett (ongoing series writer of DC Comics-The New 52’s RESURRECTION MAN) with art by newcomer INJ Culbard (the artist of the graphic novel adaptation of HP Lovecraft’s At The Mountains of Madness). Here’s what Abnett wrote in his original pitch for the series to editor Will Dennis, “May I just confess that this is a story that involves both zombies and vampires, two things I swore I would never write about because they had both long since jumped the shark.


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