On the editor's desk: Will Dennis

So the great part of being an editor is that you never know what will pop up in your inbox on any given day. the below are just a few of the super cool surprises that I received in the past few days. I won’t pick a favorite...but don’t let that stop you! peace & hair grease, will dennis -- greek street goes greek? anyone reading GREEK STREET knows it’s a modern re-telling of Greek dramas...but this pencil page by DAVIDE GIANFELICE from issue #8 looks like the past has become the present. what!?

Brian Wood month?

February 2010 brings much to be excited for by Brian Wood. DMZ and NORTHLANDERS will be reaching significant milestones and DEMO Vol. 2 begins! DMZ will be celebrating 50 with an oversized collection of short stories gathered by rookie journalist Matty Roth and illustrated by numerous, and may I say fantastic, artists, while NORTHLANDERS will be celebrating 25 with part 5 of the timely and compelling new 8 issue arc 'The Plague Widow.' Check out the covers:


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