From the editor's desk: Shelly Bond

Hey! Lucky you. You’re just in time for a Tuesday Tonic! The definition may vary from week to week, but you can be sure that at the very least, it will be “ An invigorating, refreshing, or restorative agent or influence.” and/or “The first note of a diatonic scale; the keynote.” If you stopped by yesterday, you know the official drill. Each Vertigo editor is assigned one day per week to post the most sordid, scandalous, sanctimonious scraps of ephemera that best exploit the inner mechanics of his/her own comic book arena. In other words: If it’s in my proverbial clutches, it’s fair game.

What was the Editor Shelly Bond

Shelly Bond, editor of such titles as FABLES, iZOMBIE and HELLBLAZER shares her firsts. What was the first... Convention you attended as a fan? Okay, I’ll admit it. I was a professional before I was a true fan. I was invited to ITHACON the year after I graduated college which was a pretty big thrill since I bought my first comic book at Ithaca’s very own Comics for Collectors (shameless promotion!) the year before. OR

The Secret Inspiration behind the cover of iZombie #19

Superstar artist Mike Allred admired the vintage wallpaper of a bar he was patronizing one night. Unable to get the wallpaper out of his mind, he hit the drawing board. Mike imagined creepy things coming out of the paper’s repetitive pattern and was inspired to create the cover of iZombie #19. No copy and pasting here, Mike drew every single one of the scrollwork images by hand! Check out the sketch and final cover below.

Lucky number 13?

I,ZOMBIE #13 begins the storyline "Six Feet Under & Rising." Zombie girl Gwen and her friends solve a mystery just in time to keep an even more mysterious appointment with Amon, the sexy mummy. What could he possibly want to tell Gwen today of all days? And, this lucky issue number 13 includes the first of a series of backup stories where we meet a group of government agents who will soon be making life very difficult for Gwen and company. Just who are the Dead Presidents?


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