A Unified Theory of Monsters by Chris Roberson

I grew up reading old monster comics and watching the classic black-and-white Universal monster movies, and loving all of them. But it always bugged me a little that they seemed to exist in a world in which there were so many different WAYS to become a monster. Bitten by a werewolf under a full moon, or bitten by a vampire, or cobbled together from a bunch of dead bodies… there was a completely different set of rules at work for every monster, a completely different rationale. But why SHOULD a vampire’s bite turn you into a vampire, and why do vampires crave blood?

A Vertigo Valentine’s Day with couples to remember

This Valentine’s Day I asked the Vertigo editors to pick a few couples from both classic and current Vertigo titles that defy our expectations of coupledom. I hope you enjoy this unique twist on the holiday we love to not love. Let’s start off with Will Dennis’ picks: scal_42_dylux-2-copy


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