Scott Snyder talks about the AV team Winning their first Eisner

Sitting with the AMERICAN VAMPIRE team of Scott Snyder, Rafael Albuquerque and Editor Mark Doyle along with, Vertigo’s Executive Editor, Karen Berger at the Eisner’s last Friday night, we were all anxiously waiting for the winner of Best New Series to be announced. Now, over to series writer and co-creator Scott Snyder to tell you what it means to him to win.


Editor Mark Doyle shares how Jeff Lemire’s ULTRA THE MULTI ALIEN story in STRANGE ADVENTURES (on sale now) came about. Take it away Mark. “You should call Jeff Lemire,” former Vertigo Editor, turned-Hollywood Mogul, Pornsak Pichetshote said to me. “He’s crazy about all that old stuff.” That’s how “Ultra The Multi-Alien” started. It was all PP’s idea. The man is an idea machine (that must be why they plucked him from the dark halls of Vertigo to go work for the West Coast brain trust).


Why Rafael Albuquerque is Amazing (or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Hire a Cover Artist) We weren’t even thinking about him for the covers. We knew we wanted something that said “horror” but could also be literary and elegant too. We wanted a strong design that showcased a cool logo and the creator’s names. A daunting task. I thought about it constantly. We were throwing around a lot of names, some big names, some unknowns. But we certainly weren’t even considering Rafael Albuquerque for the covers—he was too busy kicking ass on the interiors.


Cycle 2 “Devil in the Sand” (issues 6-9) In this story… • We learn the secret history of Las Vegas, before it became the Vegas we know today (hint: vampires are involved). • We meet the organization of vampire hunters that has been operating behind the scenes of history for centuries. • We see how the descendents of the “House of Book” continue to seek revenge on Skinner Sweet. • We meet a new character who carries a heavy burden and will play a major role in the future of the American Vampire universe.

From the Editor's Desk: Mark Doyle--Creating a Cover, American Vampire #3

Creating a Cover, AMERICAN VAMPIRE #3 Coming up with a cool cover is hard. Rafael Albuquerque made things a little easier with AMERICAN VAMPIRE because he had the simple but brilliant idea of cutting the layout in half with the logo—two stories, two scenes, united by the logo. But it still takes a little work to make things perfect. Rafael’s first sketch was a detail of a shop floor, covered in candy and blood, and a portrait of a sophisticated European vampire family on the bottom.

From the Editor’s Desk: Mark Doyle on AV #2

“Time is the only constant for the living. It never stops…for the dead it doesn’t matter…and for the undead…” American Vampire 2 hits the stands today and although the first issue was amazing and people loved it (“…fresh and original” EW, “…eerie and haunting” Huffington Post “…engaging and enthralling” Fangoria) issue 2 is bigger, badder and bloodier. Way bloodier.

A quick chat with Mark Doyle

I thought it would be fun to get to know some of the editorial group behind your favorite comics and graphic novels a bit better, so I started asking questions. First up, Mark Doyle. PM: What was the first Vertigo book you read? MD: Sandman. I blame that book for my current occupation.

From the Editor’s Desk: Mark Doyle on the cover of DMZ #49

"This issue changes everything..." "After this nothing will be the same..." "Everything you thought you knew about the DMZ changes now..." You hear these kind of buzz statements all the time. But seriously? We mean it this time. It's not just buzz. I remember when Brian first pitched this idea to us a year ago. He said, "okay, this story arc 'Hearts and Minds' is going to put Matty through the ringer and just when he hits rock bottom we're going to drop a bomb on him..." I didn't realize he meant literally. Check out that cover.


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