Leandro Fernandez talks the art of THE PLAGUE WIDOW Part 2

There is one thing I consider especially interesting to emphasize in NORTHLANDERS, in general, not only in this particular story: the use of the splash pages. I can say Brian means something with them, he’s giving us (this is just an interpretation, Brian you can correct me if I’m wrong) a rhythm on reading. Considering how different time passed by during that time compared with modern urban life, between rush hour, mobile phones, work duties and so on...


The Rus, as they are called, camped above the river trading furs from a log hall, axed out by slaves. The men—tall as date palms, blond, tattooed— had set a pole out front carved with gods to which they offer things to bless their trade. This was all I saw of their piety or conscience. Caliph, they are the dirtiest creatures of God. - Ibn Fadhlan, On an Arab Mission, Encounters Vikings Volga River, 922 A.D.
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