From the Editor's Desk: Joan Hilty

By now, you’ve heard the news out of San Diego: Indie star Matt Kindt (Pistolwhip, Super Spy, 3 Story) will make his Vertigo debut with the graphic novel REVOLVER in August 2010. It’s a surreal thriller about an ordinary guy living in two wildly different realities, gradually realizing he alone has the power to avert the series of apocalypses that’s destroyed one world, yet finding himself freer and more alive there than he ever was in the other. (Check out this design sheet, which I think says it all.)

Vertigo: View of the Future panel highlights

Two Graphic Novels were announced at today’s panel: From Mat Johnson, award winning novelist and author of the highly acclaimed Vertigo graphic novel INCOGNEGRO, and artist Simon Gane comes DARK RAIN, an uncompromising portrait of the life and death of the American city. Johnson uses the setting of New Orleans and the aftermath of hurricane Katrina intertwined with a suspenseful bank heist to explore social issues with a page-turning plot.


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