DMZ Vol. 9: MIA is on sale now

Written by BRIAN WOOD with cover by JP Leon DMZ Volume 9: M.I.A. takes Matty to a remote and desolate section of the city. Self-exile forces him to take a good, hard look at himself and his conduct since he entered the DMZ, and he doesn't like what he's seeing. His discovery presents him with an opportunity that he's tempted to take, but is the price too high?

DMZ hits #50?

On Wednesday, we teased a few images from a project Jim Lee, Rebekah Isaacs, Fabio Moon, Ryan Kelly, John Paul Leon, Lee Bermejo, Philip Bond, Eduardo Risso and Dave Gibbons are all working on for Vertigo in 2010. Well, if they piqued your interest, you’ll be happy to know, (if you haven't guessed already or were sly like CBR/ROBOT 6), they’re from DMZ #50. That’s right, I said 50.

From the Editor's Desk: Mark Doyle

Here’s the thing—it’s got a twist ending. I just started working with Will (Dennis, my boss, who I’m totally scared of) plus Brian and Ryan (Wood and Kelly, writer and artist, who I’m totally a fan of) on this Northlanders book and I’m wicked excited about it. But it’s got this twist ending. And there’s something in the first script that totally gives it away.

No Future for DMZ?

So, that PETER & MAX excerpt is pretty amazing, right? Well, on our first day we had to give you something extra, so we’ve also got a peek at DMZ #42, which goes on sale today, by Brian Wood and Ryan Kelly with cover by John Paul Leon. "No Future" is the beginning of a 3-part story probing an infamous DMZ death cult housed in the city's tallest building. [gallery]


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