SCALPED Vol. 6 Intro by Matt Fraction

THE GNAWING, OR, THE LEGEND OF THE ALABAMA CORN SNAKE by Matt Fraction “Do you know the story of the Alabama Corn Snake? I swear I’ll never let it be forgotten and I’ll never let those words slip too far from my tongue. I’ll tell you, too, just after I tell you why I love SCALPED:

From The Editor’s Desk: Will Dennis on Scalped

The direction of SCALPED is never what I think it’s going to be...which probably sounds strange coming from the editor -- No snarky comments please! It’s a book that constantly challenges me – to question, to argue, to THINK. It presents me with conflicts and ironies and ideas that are hard to reconcile at times. Every character has layers and contradictions and dark sides and beating hearts.

What Vertigo titles do you recommend giving this holiday season?

I’d recommend the latest issue of SCALPED cuz nothing says “Happy Holidays” quite like a gritty crime comic about a meth-addicted, under-cover FBI agent with a heroin junkie for a girlfriend, a murdered mother, and a pretend job as an enforcer for the local Mob boss who would not hesitate to kill him if he found out the truth. God bless us all...everyone!” –Will Dennis

A Rat on the Rez?

Saturday Night Live comedian Bill Hader says SCALPED makes him “nervous while reading it.” The series has been keeping us on the edge of our seats for 29 issues and now, in SCALPED #30, Dash Bad Horse must watch his back and try to prevent an all out war as the body count rises and the intensity builds. [gallery link="file" columns="2"]


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