What was the first…with Assistant Editor Greg Lockard

Greg Lockard, who assists Shelly Bond on such titles as HELLBLAZER, iZOMBIE and FABLES, shares his firsts. What was the first… Convention you attended as a fan? Alternative Press Expo in San Francisco 2003. Convention you attended as a pro? NYCC 2008. Home court advantage! Job in the comic book Industry? Vertigo Intern, Summer 2002. Comic book you worked on? HELLBLAZER #275. I'm new and madly obsessed with this title and the chance to work with the entire team. Comic book you read?

What was the first...by Editor Shelly Bond

Shelly Bond, editor of such titles as FABLES, iZOMBIE and HELLBLAZER shares her firsts. What was the first... Convention you attended as a fan? Okay, I’ll admit it. I was a professional before I was a true fan. I was invited to ITHACON the year after I graduated college which was a pretty big thrill since I bought my first comic book at Ithaca’s very own Comics for Collectors (shameless promotion!) the year before. OR

C2E2 Vertigo Schedule

If you happen to be in Chicago this weekend and are attending C2E2 do stop by the DC Comics booth say “Hi,” pick up some awesome freebies and get something signed by your favorite creators. And don’t forget to hit the panels. Here’s the schedule for Vertigo: Saturday VERTIGO 1:30-2:30pm, Room 470b

Peter Milligan and Giuseppe Camuncoli talk HELLBLAZER and the marriage of JC

Rookie Vertigo Assistant Editor Gregory Lockard here with my first blog for GRAPHIC CONTENT and it’s regarding HELLBLAZER #275! This issue features both the wedding of John Constantine and Epiphany Greaves in an over-sized anniversary special by one of my all-time favorite writer/artist teams AND it is my first issue as Shelly’s assistant editor. “Holy crap” would be a boring understatement but my thumping heart won’t let me concentrate.

Forming a Fables Cult at San Diego Comic Con?

FABLES panels at San Diego Comic Con are always full of excitement. Last year Bill wrote a special one page story illustrated by Mark Buckingham which was handed out exclusively to those in attendance. Well, what’s in store for FABLES fans this year? FABLES writer extraordinaire, Bill Willingham gives us a hint:


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