Tuesday Tonic with editor Shelly Bond and writer Mike Carey

Today’s Tuesday Tonic is all about The Unwritten’s magnificent Mike Carey:

What was your favorite book as a kid?
The Faraway Tree, by Enid Blyton, and its several sequels.  First fantasy I ever read, and the start of a lifelong addiction.  The start of my career, too, I guess.

If you could meet a famous dead person who would it be?  What would you ask him/her?

The 2012 Hugo Award Finalists Have Been Announced

The Hugo Award finalists for 2012, honoring excellence in science fiction and fantasy, were announced in the UK. In the Best Graphic Story category, the finalists include two Vertigo titles:


From The Editor’s Desk: Karen Berger

Ontogenesis or Onto Genesis? That Mike Carey is awfully clever, not only when it comes to creating catchy titles for storylines, but for also crafting a series month-in-and-month-out, with co-conspirator Peter Gross, that is a prime example of why Vertigo publishes the best comics around. Where else can you find a comics story that takes you back to the birthplace of our incredible medium and most importantly to meet Miriam Walzer, a comics writer and artist who uses Greek myth as a parable to an adventure story starring the deliciously strange, The Tinker?

ON THE LEDGE With Mike Carey and Peter Gross

PG: It's no easy task getting each issue of THE UNWRITTEN out on time. You would not believe how quickly four weeks flies by when you're making a comic. So it makes no sense whatsoever that Mike and I decided to go bi-weekly for 5 months and put out 10 issues instead of the normal 5. And yet, given the way THE UNWRITTEN has developed it makes perfect sense... MC: It was a habit we got into back when we were working on LUCIFER.


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