Vertigo Graphic Connection Holiday-Gift Guides

Looking for the perfect book to get your friends and loved ones? Check out these holiday gift guide recommendations: USA TODAY’s Gift Ideas for the Comic Book Fan includes 100 BULLETS Deluxe Edition and Graphic Novels To Get You in the Holiday Spirit includes A FLIGHT OF ANGELS. CNN/Geek Out includes AMERICAN VAMPIRE in their Holiday Gift Guide.

Mike Carey Celebrates Halloween Vertigo style

Mike Carey, writer of THE UNWRITTEN, and I talk about Halloween and who he'd be if he were to dress up as a Vertigo character today. PM: Pumpkin seeds, pumpkin ice cream or pumpkin pie? MC: Any of the above, so long as they're certified pumpkin-free. Corn maze or haunted house? MC: Haunted house. Trick or treat? MC: Treat. Is that a trick question? What’s your favorite Halloween tradition?


Tom, with the help of Lizzie, enters the journals of Wilson Taylor. While there, he learns that something horrible happened to Milton Jardine, the man whose name Miriam Walzer was using as a pen name. And Tom is shocked when he goes looking for Miri in present day. On to Genesis continues in THE UNWRITTEN #29 this Wednesday!

First Look inside THE UNWRITTEN #28

While the cabal continue their seemingly motiveless murder spree, Tom Taylor researches his father's journals to uncover the secret connections between Wilson Taylor and his deadliest enemy, Pullman--as well as a hint at an eighty-year-old mystery that could be a clue to Tom's own nature and origins. Check out the two page spread below from THE UNWRITTEN #28, in stores tomorrow, with art by Peter Gross and Vince Locke. The setting is 1930s Brooklyn, NY--the Golden Age of a new artistic medium and the birth of a new type of hero.


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