AMERICAN VAMPIRE goes to war and Sean Murphy draws mini-series

You may have heard that the next AMERICAN VAMPIRE storyline is a World War II epic. The first issue of this sprawling, romantic, action-packed tale of heroism and horror has a variant cover by the talented young artist Sean Murphy (JOE THE BARBARIAN) that illustrates the massive scope of what’s to come. Here's an exclusive first look at the variant cover by Sean Murphy for issue #13:


The New Year is here in the dark halls of VERTIGO and we'd like to welcome you to a cool, new feature in all our monthly books - the return of LETTERS COLUMNS! Back in the day, letters pages were really the only way for fans, editors and creators to have a dialogue. Obviously the interwebs have changed all that, but in a world that's increasingly Hi-tech, we thought it would be great to bring back something a little more Low-fi. But we need YOUR help! We need you to start sending us emails or...wait for it...REAL letters ASAP. Tell us what you love, what you hate, what


vertigo_black There was a lot of excitement at panels, in the press, and on Twitter and Facebook when we first announced that DC Comics and Vertigo will be holding the line at $2.99 for standard format ongoing comic book titles. These changes were for you, the fans, and retailers shared your excitement. We were just getting started.


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