Editor Will Dennis talks about THE ARTIST FORMERLY KNOWN AS ________

Most series I’ve developed over the years at Vertigo don’t come with an artist attached. Vertigo has always been a writer-driven imprint so usually the writer and editor will get the idea polished to the point that it’s a “go” and then start trying to find the right person to draw it. But that was not the case with THE NEW DEADWARDIANS...

Will Dennis Talks SAUCER COUNTRY Covers

It’s a bit of an unwritten rule around VERTIGO that the interior artist doesn’t do the cover art. Some of it is a tradition that goes back to SANDMAN, some of it’s a time management thing, and some of it’s that often artists who are great at interiors aren’t always so great at the single image needed for a cover. It’s two totally different parts of the brain for an artist and not everyone can pull it off.

Will Dennis Talks SAUCER COUNTRY Artist Ryan Kelly

Sometimes a series comes with an artist attached to it but, in my experience at Vertigo, that’s pretty rare. Usually I have to work closely with the writer to get an idea of how they see the series in terms of the art – the look, style, and tone of it. I have my own ideas often but it’s always a back-and-forth since the writer is the one who has the pictures in his/her head.

From The Editor's Desk: SAUCER COUNTRY--The Pitch

Every comic series good, bad or otherwise begins with a pitch.
Sometimes it’s a writer sending in 5-6 short ideas and asking you to “pick one” (Appreciated!); Sometimes it’s a writer approaching you at a convention after a panel to ask, “What you’re looking for?” (Answer most often given by me? “I’ll know it when I see it.”); Sometimes it’s even a drunken writer cornering you in the men’s room to berate you about his misunderstood genius (True story).  

From the Editor's Desks: Vertigo Preview 2012

Listen up, everyone! Next month, we're publishing four great new series, which you might have already heard some buzz about. FAIREST by Bill Willingham and Phil Jiminez, SAUCER COUNTRY by Paul Cornell and Ryan Kelley, DOMINIQUE LAVEAU: VOODOO CHILD by Selwyn Seyfu Hinds and Denys Cowan, and THE NEW DEADWARDIANS by Dan Abnett and I.N.J. Culbard. This week, a fabulous FREE PREVIEW featuring 8 pages from each series is in store, so be sure to go to your favorite comic book shop to get your hands on it.


Comics have become pretty flashy these days...you can read them digitally on your ipad, kindle, phone, etc. The printed pages are slick, the colors are alive and the packaging is top grade. There’s movies, tv shows, toys, and numerous other ways to engage with the product. It’s easy to lose sight of the fact that at the heart of all this, it’s still comes down to lines of black ink on plain old white paper.

From the Editor's Desk: Will Dennis

So, I'm writing this while sitting on jury duty in King's County (that's Brooklyn to those who don't know!) Supreme Court. I just got called to the empanelling room and the lawyers are trying to find us a room to do the "voir dire" ...we've been wandering through this antique building for twenty minutes and everyone is well pissed off. Not the best start for the attorneys or their clients.


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