SPACEMAN. A REAL CONVERSATION between Will Dennis and Brian Azzarello

AZZ: I got an idea for a new series.
ME: What’s it called?
ME: SPACEMAN? Is that one word or two?
AZZ: It’s one. Like SUPERMAN.
ME: It’s like SUPERMAN?
AZZ: No! It’s like SUPERMAN but not like SUPERMAN.
ME: So what’s it about.
AZZ: A spaceman. What the hell else would it be about?
ME: Right. And it’s with the entire 100 BULLETS team?
Azz: That’s the plan.
ME: Cool. Can we get it out in 2011?
AZZ: Why the hell not?
ME: Book it.

Exclusive first look at the spaceman:


(now with handy phrase guide!)

So i’m sitting in this lovely outdoor cafe in Lucca, Italy eating this insanely great sliced-steak with Eduardo Risso (co-creator/artist of 100 BULLETS) and he says to me out of the blue, “Would you be interested in coming to a comic convention in my hometown of Rosario, Argentina next fall?”...hmm...let me check my schedule...uhhh, YEAH!

Make War No More : Editor Will Dennis on Memorial Day

Back in the 1970’s, DC war comics like SGT ROCK started quietly featuring a slug at the end of the issue that read “MAKE WAR NO MORE.” It was a simple and honest appeal on the part of the creators and the company to a nation still trying to heal itself from the wounds of The Vietnam War.

FROM THE EDITOR’S DESK: Will Dennis on The Executor

So if your high school sweetheart named you executor of her will, would you take the job? Would you want to go home again? And what secrets might you uncover once you were there? That’s the premise of the latest offering from VERTIGO CRIME, Jon Evans and Andrea Mutti’s dark thriller, THE EXECUTOR.

Personally I can’t even remember my high school sweetheart’s name... there were so many.

From The Editor’s Desk: Will Dennis on Scalped

The direction of SCALPED is never what I think it’s going to be...which probably sounds strange coming from the editor -- No snarky comments please! It’s a book that constantly challenges me – to question, to argue, to THINK. It presents me with conflicts and ironies and ideas that are hard to reconcile at times. Every character has layers and contradictions and dark sides and beating hearts.


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