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Geppetto to lead the Fables?

When we last saw the Fables, Gepetto was out in the woods far from the Farm and my favorite winged monkey, Bufkin, hadn’t given up on defeating Baba Yaga. Is the Adversary up to his old tricks? Will this be the end for Bufkin and Frank? And what’s Ozma got up her sleeve? Find out in FABLES #91.

FABLES . . . after Cindy

In 2009, you traveled to the Black Forest and were exposed to the power of Frost and Fire with PETER & MAX, learned more about the witches of the 13th floor in FABLES, followed Jack Frost as he learns the hero trade in JACK OF FABLES, and have embarked on a spy mission worthy of 007 with Cindy in CINDERELLA: From Fabletown With Love.

Vertigo: Graphic Connection

"Combining dark humor, suspense and intrigue, Bill Willingham's masterwork is like the Sondheim musical dramedy Into the Woods — if the book were written by Alan Moore. If you haven't read Fables yet, this is the perfect opportunity to start catching up." Who’s offering these kind words about FABLES Deluxe Vol. 1?

Fables on trial for murder!

In the idyllic kingdom of Haven, the Frog Bombers are playing the Gobtown Crushers for the pennant. The problem? The star player of the winning team has been accused of committing murder during the victory celebrations. Now, Flycatcher (a.k.a. King Ambrose) has to judge the trial for which the penalty for the guilty is death. FABLES #92 and #93 will feature art by David Lapham (Young Liars, Silverfish)! Check out the cover of issue #92: fabl-cv921


Thanks to all who entered the PETER & MAX Sweepstakes! Now, for the winners and their favorite characters: Storytimecrime--Bigby cjscampbell--Boy Blue daschupa--Ghost zorak--Beast marksullivan5--Cinderella r28chris86--"wolfets" aka: all of Bigby and Snow's children norrin2--Jack of Fables animanifesto--Bigby randyhate--Flycatcher deb8er--Prince Charming Per, Official Rules #3 please email me at: For all of you who are curious, here are your top 5 favorite characters: #1 Bigby Wolf #2 Boy Blue #3 Flycatcher #4 Cinderella #5 Rose Red

PETER & MAX Sweepstakes Cont'd

Don’t forget to enter for the chance to win a free copy of the brand new hardcover 1st edition of PETER & MAX: A Fables Novel written by Bill Willingham with spot illustrations by Steve Leialoha. In order to win, please post YOUR FAVORITE FABLES CHARACTER and WHY IT’S YOUR FAVORITE CHARACTER in the comment section of the Monday, September 28th post. You have 2 weeks to post, you may only post once, 10 winners will be chosen at random. See Official Rules for more info in the 9/28 post.


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