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Jeff Lemire's favorite post-apocalyptic comics

Post-apocalyptic comics that have influenced SWEET TOOTH by Jeff Lemire With my Vertigo monthly SWEET TOOTH coming up in just a few days, I've been hunting down and/or re-reading as much post-apocalyptic fiction as I can for inspiration. In addition to Cormac McCarthy’s The Road and films like The Road Warrior, I’ve also been hunting down as many post-apocalyptic comics as I can. Here are some of my favorite comics in the genre:

“The new 'must read' book.”

We’re so excited for everyone to read JEFF LEMIRE'S first ongoing series SWEET TOOTH (on sale this Wednesday). And we’re not alone: "Writer & artist Jeff Lemire has created the new 'must read' book with SWEET TOOTH. It's a fairy tale turned on its ear-or antlers-that takes you on the road trip through an America slightly more fantastical and just as frightening as ours." —GEOFF JOHNS (Blackest Night)

Behind-The-Scenes with Brian Bolland

People (well, especially people non artistically inclined like myself), are often curious as to how the artist got from a blank sheet of paper to the finished product. Well, GRAPHIC CONTENT is happy to bring you behind-the-scenes of Brian Bolland's cover to JACK OF FABLES #39. What started as a pencil sketch, gets inked, added to, more detailed and brought to life with color. Simple, right? [gallery link="file"]

Sven is back!

The legends of Sven of Orkney, ‘Sven the Returned’ hark through the ages. Until one day, after years of peace and exhile, a group of young Vikings appear on his shore. Sven is back in NORTHLANDERS #20! [gallery link="file" columns="2"]

Vertigo: Graphic Connection

In an in-depth conversation with CBR News, Karen Berger discusses Vertigo’s success in 2009, the imprint’s plans for 2010, and why she believes Vertigo is delivering the best work in the industry. METRO NY features THE NOBODY SCRIPPS HOWARD NEWS SERVICE talks about Vikings and NORTHLANDERS “The Cross and the Hammer.”

THE CHILL preview

Now, once you’ve read Vertigo Crime’s FILTHY RICH and DARK ENTRIES be on the lookout for Jason Starr’s first graphic novel THE CHILL with art by Mick Bertilorenzi coming in January 2010. THE CHILL is bound to heat up the winter. [gallery link="file"]

Absolute Death

For all you fans of DEATH and, of course, Neil Gaiman, THE ABSOLUTE edition will be published this October! It looks amazing and includes anything and everything DEATH, including an Introduction by Amanda Palmer, solo artist of Dresden Dolls fame, and a Gallery of DEATH which includes numerous artist renditions of the delightfully goth fan-favorite among other extras. Catch a glimpse of the gallery here: By Jeff Smith (color by Daniel Vozzo)

5 Things Josh Dysart Could Never Have Learned On The Internet

If there’s one thing I’m proud of in UNKNOWN SOLDIER, it’s that Alberto and I work hard to capture East Africa. Not as it looks in films, not as it’s described in books, but as I experienced it. To that end I’d like to share with you some of the exhilarating, scary and dreamy realizations that shaped the tone of the book. Things that no amount of research, shy of visiting the region in 2007, could have possibly unearthed.

Who's your favorite femme fatale?

Vertigo Crime has officially launched! In honor of the publication of FILTHY RICH by Brian Azzarello and artist Victor Santos and its femme fatale Vicki, I’d like to pose a question to all Vertigo GRAPHIC CONTENT readers. Who’s your favorite femme fatale and why? Brigid O'Shaughnessy in Dashiell Hammett’s The Maltese Falcon? Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct? Phyllis Nirdlinger in James M. Cain’s Double Indemnity? Vivian Rutledge in Raymond Chandler’s The Big Sleep? Let the conversation begin!