The 100 Bullets Digital Sale

The 100 Bullets Digital Sale

By Brandy Phillips Friday, May 25th, 2012

Get locked and loaded for a barrage of comic book greatness with the DC Digital 100 BULLETS SALE!

What would you do if you could get consequence-free revenge on those who wronged you? The Eisner Award-winning creative team of Brian Azzarello and Eduardo Risso tell the tale of a gun, a briefcase with 100 untraceable rounds of ammo, and the damaged and downtrodden people faced with that very same question. But beyond the dilemma of whether or not to pull the trigger lies a deeper more disturbing concern: who is making it all possible—and why?

Known for its noir-style storytelling and gritty realism, 100 BULLETS thrilled readers with pulse-pounding, gut-wrenching drama and excitement—and now you can get all 100 issues of the acclaimed series for only 99 cents each! And be sure to check out JONNY DOUBLE: the first collaboration by Azzarello/Risso in which a down-on-his-luck gangster accepts a job with a big payoff—helping some teens rob a bank!

Take aim while you can or risk missing your shot!

The 3-Day sale begins 5/26/12.

100 Bullets Digital Sale


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