NYCC 2012: DC COMICS - THE NEW 52: Superman

NYCC 2012: DC COMICS - THE NEW 52: Superman

By dce_publisher Thursday, October 11th, 2012

Superman may come from Krypton and call Metropolis home, but he'll be well represented in New York this weekend. From the large-scale excitement of Superman, to the thoughtful take on Superman's early days in Action Comics, to the high-flying exploits of Kal-El's cousin, Supergirl, to the distinctly different visions of the Man of Steel presented in Superman: Earth One and Superman Family Adventures, there's plenty of red and blue action for everyone. But where will that action take us over the next few months? Well, we're about to find out...


Leaping to the stage (in single bounds!) with moderator Bob Wayne in room 1A10 are group editor Matt Idelson, Scott Lobdell (Superman), Grant Morrison (Action Comics), and Mahmud Asrar (Supergirl). Plus, we've heard rumors of some special guests...


Follow all the action as it unfolds below:



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