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DC All Access Reflections

DC All Access Reflections

By Blair Herter Tuesday, January 28th, 2014


As the return of DC All Access approaches, I’d like to take a beat to reflect back on some of my favorite things from our first 12 award-winning* episodes.  Not an easy task given the extraordinary amount of brain candy packed into those (approximately) 83 minutes, but here are a few in particular that really stand out:

  1. FINALLY getting a chance to work with the lovely Tiffany Smith. We’ve run in the same professional circles for years—heck, we even had our paychecks signed by the same network for a bit—but until DC All Access, I’d never had the pleasure of actually sharing some screen time with her.  She truly makes every day at work not feel like a day at work.  I have adopted her as my much younger sister, and if you want to take her out for coffee you’re gonna have to go through me first, buddy.

  2. Cosplaying as Wonder Woman at NYCC. First and foremost, the DC fans at NYCC were amazing, and I met enough awesome folks there to keep Bouncing Boy full for a solid 12 minutes. Such a wonderful group of folks. Secondly, wearing a WW outfit in public is LIBERATING. The feel of the recycled convention air on my bare skin, the hundreds of photo requests, Tiffany’s intense jealousy-glare. Such a memorable experience.

  3. Meeting so many of my heroes. Go back and rewatch every episode of the show.  Each interview I did? Complete and utter fansplosion in my brain. Such an honor to have the opportunity to chat with folks who’ve contributed to my life in so many meaningful ways.

  4. The wrap party. This is less a statement about the show and more about the people that work on it. Are you wondering if you work with the best group of people in the industry? Take a look at your wrap party. Ours had an open bar, unlimited onion rings, and a two-hour dinner theater performance of The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Need I say more?

I’m chock full of great memories, but since I only have enough room for a blog post and not the full treatment for my Gigli prequel—though if you’re a director that has an overall studio deal, get at me and I’ll send ya a .pdf—I’ll cut things off here. 

I’m so looking forward to at least 24 more episodes of incredible experiences and lifelong memories. DC Comics fans truly are the best in the world and I’m so grateful that I get to go on this journey with each and every one of you.

Blair Herter
Tiffany Smith
’s co-host

*If you have an award you’d like to give us we sure would like to win it.

If it helps, you should really check out this segment from last year where Blair gets a tour of DC"s highly secure New York library. Fans chose it as one of DC All Access's Top Five Moments of Last Year. If that's not award-worthy, we don't know what is!