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Preview Monday: SUPERBOY #29 and ASTRO CITY #10

Preview Monday: SUPERBOY #29 and ASTRO CITY #10

By Clark Bull Monday, March 10th, 2014

Welcome back for another installment of Preview Monday! This week, we’re giving you exclusive first looks at SUPERBOY #29 and ASTRO CITY #10.

Jon Lane Kent, the son of Superman, is focused on revenge. In order to change the future – his present – he’s going to come back to the present-day DC Universe and start taking out the meta-humans one by one. But before he can make the jump, there’s the Teen Titans to deal with. How long can he fool the Titans into thinking he’s the Superboy they know and trust? Look for SUPERBOY #29, written by Marv Wolfman and illustrated by Andres Guinaldo and Mark Irwin, this Wednesday.

And in ASTRO CITY #10, Samaritan and the Confessor help Winged Victory take down the villain targeting her. But there are repercussions to every action and now Winged Victory will have to face the fallout. Will Astro City’s most prominent super heroine survive? Don’t miss the grand finale of this four-part epic! ASTRO CITY #10, written by Kurt Busiek and illustrated by Brent Eric Anderson, hits shelves on Wednesday.

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