100 Bullets

You’re sitting on the train when an old man approaches you. He’s holding a shiny attaché case, but what’s really arresting are his words. Because he seems to know everything about you—including your darkest moments. And inside that shiny attaché he just handed you? A picture of the person who murdered your beloved. With it, a gun—and a hundred rounds of untraceable bullets… 

If you could get away with it, would you—could you—kill someone? That’s the question whenever the mysterious Agent Graves appears. As he visits person after person, providing them with an opportunity that’s a test, gift, and curse all in one, what starts as simple revenge fulfillment transforms into something much, much larger. Because there’s a secret purpose behind the people Graves is handing vengeance to, a global conspiracy with Graves himself at its heart. Chronicling the best of human loyalty and the worst of its betrayals, 100 Bullets is a story about vengeance, power, and consequences, tracking ordinary people caught in a web of femme fatales, animalistic murderers, conflicted souls, and maybe, just maybe—redemption. 

A Latina fresh out of jail, an ice cream man who moonlights selling stolen cigarettes, a bar owner once framed for child pornography, a waitress whose daughter went missing… These are just some of the people Graves approaches. People as different as can be who all learn the same thing:

That nothing is what it seems…


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