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He has become a modern legend, this mysterious creature of the Louisiana bayou. Feared as a monster, hailed as a god, by turns wonderfully benevolent and pitiless in his wrath, the Swamp Thing has carved his unique niche in the American Landscape.Writer Len Wein and legendary horror artist Bernie Wrightson, the original creators of the most complex creature in comics, brought the "Swamp Thing" to life in an 8-page story from HOUSE OF SECRETS #92. Now that classic story, plus the first ten issues of SWAMP THING Volume One, are reprinted in a new edition of SWAMP THING: DARK GENESIS - a 240-page VERTIGO trade paperback.In DARK GENESIS, learn the astonishing secret of Swamp Thing's "birth"; share the forbidden passions of Anton Arcane and the measureless sorrow of the Patchwork Man; shiver to the timeless horror of the witch named Rebecca Ravenwind and of a tortured Scottish werewolf. These eleven stories are not merely acknowledged classics of the comics field; they are an incredible reading experience, and the ideal introduction to the many-faceted creature known as Swamp Thing.


Written by: Len Wein


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Jan 1 2004

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