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AIR: Pureland

This month AIR: Pureland continues with part 2. Joined by Zayn's brother, deep in the Pakistani frontier, Blythe is drawn into a holy war with a bizarre twist. AIR Cv13 Check out a couple pages from issue #13: [gallery link="file"]

Sweet on the Tongue

Flying can be such a rush--for me it's looking out the window and seeing that I'm in the clouds, but for Blythe, who's training to be a pilot, it's something far more high stakes.... Join her as she attempts her first solo flight, learns more about the mysterious Zayn and meets Gian, a Sky Gypsy on Sky 1. Catch a glimpse of AIR #11. [gallery link="file" order="DESC" columns="2"]

Flying High

Where in the world is . . . Blythe? AIR, by fantabulous creators G. Willow Wilson and artist M.K. Perker, continues. Our heroine, airline stewardess Blythe, continues to search for answers and finds herself in the strangest locales—locales that might not even exist. In this month’s issue we learn that her fate may have been set over 900 years ago. For those of you who love a certain Wednesday night TV show (you know which one I’m talking about, right?) this series is sure to thrill one issue at a time.
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