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Vertigo: Graphic Connection

"Combining dark humor, suspense and intrigue, Bill Willingham's masterwork is like the Sondheim musical dramedy Into the Woods — if the book were written by Alan Moore. If you haven't read Fables yet, this is the perfect opportunity to start catching up." Who’s offering these kind words about FABLES Deluxe Vol. 1?

SAGA OF THE SWAMP THING covers to issues 32-34

“If you like SANDMAN check out SWAMP THING where gothic comics began.” —GQ “Drawn in the style of a '70s slasher flick, Swamp Thing is a surreal discourse on the blurry line between man and monster, with a strong dose of mystical environmentalism. . . . Swamp Thing is a horror comic, but it's also a late-century incarnation of the idea of the noble savage, straight out of Dryden or Rousseau — only made of roots, twigs and swamp muck.” – We Like Cover from Annual 2:


Collected for the first time in hard cover, SAGA OF THE SWAMP THING Book 2 (on sale this Wednesday, November 25, 2009 in comic book stores and December 1, 2009 in book stores) collects issues #28-34 and SWAMP THING ANNUAL #2 with art by Stephen Bissette, John Totleben, Shawn McManus, Rick Veitch, Alfredo Alcala, Ron Randall and Bernie Wrightson.
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