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“An engrossing and viscerally powerful journey. . . . If you're not paying attention through all the fireworks, it's almost easy to forget you're reading a brilliant, meticulously constructed human drama." --IGN Two men sit at a table. One is a WWII veteran, a highly placed secret agent known only by the code name Unknown Soldier. The other is a psychologically deconstructed ghost named Moses Lwanga. In UNKNOWN SOLDIER #24, one will tell the other his story – and the course of their lives will be changed forever.


Moses has a list. Throughout his murder investigation of the IDP camp's doctor, he's been deciding just who will live and who will die. Now, caught in an arms deal near the Sudan border, it's time to start checking names. But this is one battle that's not as simple as it seems. Check out the preview of this new storyline and pick up a copy on Wednesday! [gallery link="file"]

From the Editor's Desk: Pornsak Pichetshote chats with Mike Carey and Josh Dysart about research

Anyone who knows me knows that when it comes to fiction, I’m kind of a technique freak. I love learning how it’s all put together. And for a guy interested in that, editing is a great seat to have. For example, I edit two completely different books, THE UNWRITTEN and UNKNOWN SOLDIER.

From the Editor's Desk: Pornsak Pichetshote talks Alberto Ponticelli art

Comic book editors come from all kinds of interesting origins. Some are writers, some are artists, others use incriminating photos. Me, before getting into comics, I had a writing and film background, so maybe that’s why I’m so fascinated by the ins and outs of comic book artists and the voodoo that they do.


UNKNOWN SOLDIER #12 marks the first anniversary of this highly regarded series. And we’re going to a funeral—the Unknown Soldier’s funeral. It's nothing less than epic hotel room warfare as the Unknown Soldier plays a bloodthirsty game of cat and mouse with assassins in the back halls of an exquisite five-star establishment. The real challenge will be keeping it from the high-profile guests in the banquet room next door. Here's a preview: [gallery link="file"]

Vertigo: Graphic Connection

In an in-depth conversation with CBR News, Karen Berger discusses Vertigo’s success in 2009, the imprint’s plans for 2010, and why she believes Vertigo is delivering the best work in the industry. METRO NY features THE NOBODY SCRIPPS HOWARD NEWS SERVICE talks about Vikings and NORTHLANDERS “The Cross and the Hammer.”

5 Things Josh Dysart Could Never Have Learned On The Internet

If there’s one thing I’m proud of in UNKNOWN SOLDIER, it’s that Alberto and I work hard to capture East Africa. Not as it looks in films, not as it’s described in books, but as I experienced it. To that end I’d like to share with you some of the exhilarating, scary and dreamy realizations that shaped the tone of the book. Things that no amount of research, shy of visiting the region in 2007, could have possibly unearthed.


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