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On The Ledge: With Mat Johnson, author of RIGHT STATE


When I was ten, I was walking through Center City Philadelphia with my mother, trying to make our way to the trains at Suburban Station and head home to Germantown. It was something we did every day, but this day was different: police officers lining the streets, barriers put up at intersections, large cranes looming above, massive trailers parked on the sidewalk.


“Collective Punishment”

The latest volume of Brian Wood’s critically acclaimed war comic book DMZ, is on sale now. In “Collective Punishment” drawn by such artists as Andrea Mutti, Nathan Fox, Danijel Zezelj and David Lapham, citizens and soldiers – new characters and old – weather the storm of a brutal "shock and awe" bombing campaign on the DMZ.

FROM THE EDITOR’S DESK: Will Dennis on The Executor

So if your high school sweetheart named you executor of her will, would you take the job? Would you want to go home again? And what secrets might you uncover once you were there? That’s the premise of the latest offering from VERTIGO CRIME, Jon Evans and Andrea Mutti’s dark thriller, THE EXECUTOR. Personally I can’t even remember my high school sweetheart’s name... there were so many.


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