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From the Editor’s Desk: Angela Rufino

Can you believe it's October already? Where did the summer go? Well, now that there's a chill in the New York air and Halloween is around the corner, only one word springs to mind. Most of you are thinking "miniskirts," and with the amount of promiscuous costumes that get paraded around on October 31, I don't blame you for that guess. But I was actually thinking about masks. In particular, one very special mask that's the centerpiece of the very first Vertigo Halloween special, THE HOUSE OF MYSTERY HALLOWEEN ANNUAL.

From The Editor's Desk: Angela Rufino

Everyone’s got a different perspective on the difference between a house and a home. A House is just a structure, but Home is where the heart is, right? Growing up in an Italian household in Philadelphia, volume control at the dinner table wasn't high on the list of priorities. If my family's dinner conversation were a musical style, it would be classified as "screamo." To a lot of people it would seem like the place was filled with a cacophony of sound, but that's what makes a house a home.
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