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SPACEMAN. A REAL CONVERSATION between Will Dennis and Brian Azzarello

AZZ: I got an idea for a new series. ME: What’s it called? AZZ: SPACEMAN. ME: SPACEMAN? Is that one word or two? AZZ: It’s one. Like SUPERMAN. ME: It’s like SUPERMAN? AZZ: No! It’s like SUPERMAN but not like SUPERMAN. ME: So what’s it about. AZZ: A spaceman. What the hell else would it be about? ME: Right. And it’s with the entire 100 BULLETS team? Azz: That’s the plan. ME: Cool. Can we get it out in 2011? AZZ: Why the hell not? ME: Book it. Exclusive first look at the spaceman:


CRACK BANG BOOM CON, Argentina--PART TWO WHY IT ALWAYS PAYS TO TALK TO STRANGERS... 10.21.10 DAY TWO... Now i know that your mother told you not to talk to strangers, but here’s why it pays... First, I’m at breakfast in the hotel and this big guy in an Green Lantern t-shirt (ok, it was really a t-shirt from our competitors, but i’m trying to work in a plug here!) approaches me to say that he loves Vertigo, owns a store in LIMA, PERU where he’s organizing a show and would i like to be a guest next year?”.... hmm...let me check my schedule...uhhh, YEAH!


CRACK BANG BOOM CON, Argentina -- PART ONE (now with handy phrase guide!) OCTOBER 2009 So i’m sitting in this lovely outdoor cafe in Lucca, Italy eating this insanely great sliced-steak with Eduardo Risso (co-creator/artist of 100 BULLETS) and he says to me out of the blue, “Would you be interested in coming to a comic convention in my hometown of Rosario, Argentina next fall?”...hmm...let me check my schedule...uhhh, YEAH! 10.20.10


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