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2009 Harvey Award Winners

The HARVEY AWARDS were presented yesterday at the Baltimore Comicon. Vertigo winners include Best Single Issue or Story, Y: The Last Man #60 by Brian K. Vaughan and Best Cover Artist, the one and only, James Jean for FABLES. Speaking of FABLES, check back here later today for the PETER & MAX Sweepstakes winners! The full list of Harvey winners are below in BOLD. BEST WRITER Kyle Baker, NAT TURNER, Abrams books Ed Brubaker, CAPTAIN AMERICA, Marvel Comics John Gallagher, BUZZBOY, Sky Dog Comics Jeff Kinney, DIARY OF A WIMPY KID, Amulet Books

Where have all the men gone?

After a catastrophic event, amateur magician Yorick Brown discovers he's the last man on Earth. Can you imagine? What would all the women do? Heading out with his monkey Ampersand to find his fiancé Beth, Yorick finds himself on the adventure of a lifetime. He encounters a government run solely by women, biker chicks, pirates, astronauts, amazons, convicts, scientists, a special agent assigned to protect him and oh yeah, a ton of women who want to sleep with him.
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