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NORTHLANDERS #33 preview

Blessed by the gods, for better or for worse, and driven by rage and sadness, Erik cuts a massive swath through the Christian-dominated Northlands. He seeks nothing less than a total cultural purging, and it seems like his one-man jihad will succeed… Brian Wood and artist Riccardo Burchielli continue Metal in NORTHLANDERS issue #33 on sale next week! [gallery link="file"]

DMZ #57 art by Cliff Chiang!

Try something different. That's what I feel Vertigo has always been about, even from my early days there as a runny-nosed assistant editor. I really treasure that sense of freedom, and it's why I love working on Vertigo books. Though I've known Brian Wood for a while, the stars never aligned for us to work together. So when I heard he was writing a series of connected one-shots for DMZ, I jumped at the chance. It was the perfect opportunity to experiment.

NORTHLANDERS #32 preview

Halfway through the METAL storyline Brian Wood takes the timeless motif of "young lovers on the run" to an alarming extreme. Erik and Ingrid, outcasts in 9th century Norway, strike a series of blows for individuality against the rigid conformity of the local priesthood.

HED: A Farewell from the Creators of DEMO Vol. 2—Part 2

So here we are again, the end of another DEMO series. When Brian first came to me with the idea for the original 12 issues, I knew it was something exciting; not only that, but it really spoke to me in such a way that I knew I had to be involved. I had no idea that so many people would pay attention to it, or that the series would carry me so far in my career, but I guess you don't think about those things when you are young and impetuous. I truly believed in Brian and these stories we were going to tell, so I leaped in.

A Farewell from the Creators of DEMO Vol. 2--Part 1

It's all over, all over again, so soon? Every time I think about Demo I'm reminded of how I got into comics in the first place. Parts of this story a lot of you have heard before, because the question is a very common one asked in interviews. But I'm going to try and go a little deeper, since it helps explain Demo.

Never-Ending Marriage?

Ever been in one of those relationships where you break up and get back together multiple times? Sometimes you just can’t let go. DEMO Volume 2, the gripping mini-series of one shot stories by Brian Wood and artist Becky Cloonan concludes with the heartbreaking "Sad and Beautiful World." It’s the story of a marriage that spans a lifetime. Wait until you see what these two unique young lovers had to do to make it last!


Northlanders: The Sea Road Or, THOUGHTS ON HAULING STINKING SHEEP PELTS DOWN THE AARHUS/HEDEBY CORRIDOR. Looking down the barrel of another Northlanders one-shot is a daunting thing. I tend to feel that with #17’s “The Viking Art of Single Combat” I wrote something that casts a pretty long shadow, and that was certainly the most ambitious script I had written to date. So when we needed another single issue to help line up schedules, it required a similar sort of out-of-the-box thinking.

First look at Fiona Staples interior art for NORTHLANDERS #29

Austin Trunick here, resident WildStorm blogger over at Graphic Content's sister blog, The Bleed. I'm stepping in for a very special guest post, because we're talking about two things I hold so near and dear to my heart: Fiona Staples art and NORTHLANDERS. Knowing my fondness for these, Pamela's very kindly offered me the opportunity to unveil the first look at the artwork here on the blog.


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