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Make War No More : Editor Will Dennis on Memorial Day

Back in the 1970’s, DC war comics like SGT ROCK started quietly featuring a slug at the end of the issue that read “MAKE WAR NO MORE.” It was a simple and honest appeal on the part of the creators and the company to a nation still trying to heal itself from the wounds of The Vietnam War.

NORTHLANDERS #28 preview

We’ve survived the violence, hunger and death of the cold hard winter over the last 7 issues of NORTHLANDERS. Now, the conclusion of "The Plague Widow" sees Hilda and Karin faced with an impossible choice and a leap of faith. The brutal Russian winter closes in like a vice, and salvation could just as easily be a death sentence for one of them. Here’s a glimpse of what’s in store: [gallery link="file"]

Vertigo Graphic Connection

Good morning Graphic Content readers! Today is very snowy in the big apple—the perfect day to stay in your pjs and read a good comic book or graphic novel or some of the great reviews and features they’re receiving. So, if you’re catching up on the week today here some things you should know: WIRED/Underwire interviewed Jamie Delano about the HELLBLAZER PANDEMONIUM original graphic novel set in the Middle East.


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