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DMZ: Hearts and Minds part 2

All is not quiet in the DMZ. The world struggles to come to grips with Parco Delgado's nuclear revelation, and while he's shooting hoops and avoiding the press, Matty is out there forging new alliances and advancing his own agenda. With spy planes flying overhead and rumors of search-and-destroy teams being deployed, how long can any of this last? Not even the city's own new media outlet, Radio Free DMZ, has the answers.

DMZ: Hearts and Minds

DMZ #45 begins a five part arc full of nuclear weapons, Parco Delgado and Matty Roth's own agenda. Following the tumultuous events of the past year, Matty Roth is redefining his role in the DMZ. No longer content to be merely a citizen journalist or a mouthpiece for Parco Delgado's struggling city government, he now rolls with his own private security force and self-defined mandate to heal the city. [gallery link="file"]

Sven is back!

The legends of Sven of Orkney, ‘Sven the Returned’ hark through the ages. Until one day, after years of peace and exhile, a group of young Vikings appear on his shore. Sven is back in NORTHLANDERS #20! [gallery link="file" columns="2"]

Vertigo: Graphic Connection

In an in-depth conversation with CBR News, Karen Berger discusses Vertigo’s success in 2009, the imprint’s plans for 2010, and why she believes Vertigo is delivering the best work in the industry. METRO NY features THE NOBODY SCRIPPS HOWARD NEWS SERVICE talks about Vikings and NORTHLANDERS “The Cross and the Hammer.”

From the Editor's Desk: Mark Doyle

Here’s the thing—it’s got a twist ending. I just started working with Will (Dennis, my boss, who I’m totally scared of) plus Brian and Ryan (Wood and Kelly, writer and artist, who I’m totally a fan of) on this Northlanders book and I’m wicked excited about it. But it’s got this twist ending. And there’s something in the first script that totally gives it away.


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