Cinderella and Dorothy Gale gone 80s by Shelly Bond

When the proposal was first approved for CINDERELLA: FABLES ARE FOREVER (issue #3 on sale this Wednesday), I asked artist extraordinaire Shawn McManus to send me some rough character sketches of Cinderella and Dorothy in their Big 80s Garb. And I stressed rough as in “super rough, sketchbook style.” So of course, he sent me this amazing finished piece...complete with fishnet capris!!

Chris Roberson talks CINDERELLA and Soviet Spies and Reveals the Cover of #5

In Cinderella: Fables Are Forever, the second miniseries featuring Fabletown’s number one spy, we learn how Cinderella travelled to the Soviet Union in the days of the Cold War, investigating rumors of a “Shadow Fabletown” of Soviet Fables. There, she met another secret agent Fable, who would go on to be her greatest nemesis (and if you haven’t read Cinderella: Fables Are Forever #1, I won’t spoil the identity of the nemesis here!).


In the first issue of the new mini-series CINDERELLA: FABLES ARE FOREVER by the amazing team who brought you CINDERELLA: FROM FABLETOWN WITH LOVE, Chris Roberson and artist Shawn McManus, Cindy heads to freezing cold Russia and she’s wearing a bikini. (Awesome cover by Chrissie Zullo, right?) There she encounters her nemesis who goes by the codename Silverslipper and you’re never gonna believe who it is.

On The Ledge with Chris Roberson

Don’t tell him I said this, but I sometimes think of Bill Willingham as my very own Fairy Godmother. A few years ago, with a dozen novels to my name and not a dime in the bank, facing the prospect of returning to the dreaded DAY JOB, I got a call from Bill one day, offering me the chance to write a miniseries featuring Cinderella, Fabletown’s greatest spy. Of course I said “YES!” right away. Isn’t that what you do when wishes are granted?

CINDERELLA confronts nemesis from the past

Just who is Cindy’s enemy who was thought dead? Here’s a hint from writer Chris Roberson: The second Cinderella miniseries, CINDERELLA: FABLES ARE FOREVER, sees Fabletown's greatest super-spy coming face-to-face with an enemy that Cindy had thought long dead. And we learn that Fabletown wasn't the ONLY community of Fables in the Mundy world, after all.

CINDERELLA and more FABLES covers revealed!

Chrissie Zullo is back as the cover artist of the 2nd miniseries featuring our favorite secret-agent, CINDERELLA: FABLES ARE FOREVER. Here’s the cover of issue #1: cifaf_cv1 All I can say is WOW! And here's a preliminary cover for JACK OF FABLES #50:
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