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Survivors' Club: Where Were You in '87

SURVIVORS’ CLUB tells the story of six very different people who are drawn together by the horrors they experienced in 1987. But it’s also the tale of another six individuals. These six hail from different countries and backgrounds, yet also found themselves drawn together. Only in this case it was to create a comic inspired by classic horror movies and urban legends.

From the Editor’s Desk: Sometimes you just know. Jon Vankin on HTUI

Sometimes you just know. In my time on this job, I’ve had hundreds of ideas for comics and graphic novels thrown at me. I’ve gone out and found quite a few more on my own. I’ve even cooked up a few out of my head. The vast majority of them never go anywhere because frankly, they’re not very good (especially that last kind I mentioned). Others are, in fact, very good. But they, for whatever reason, don’t connect with me. Then there are those rare, few ideas where, the minute you hear about them, you just know.
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