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From the Editor’s Desk: Will Dennis

Blame The Killer Inside Me. It’s spring of 1991 -- well, really winter since I was living in Ithaca, NY where it’s warm likes two weeks out of the year -- there was a big recession on, a war in Iraq, I was only working part-time (some things never change, right? jk) and I’m standing in an independent bookstore and this scary-ass face is staring back at me. It’s the cover to The Killer Inside Me by Jim Thompson. Never heard of him. But loved the jacket design (Day-Glo orange stripes with black type and a creepy black lizard on it) and so I picked it up. previews Vertigo Crime

PLAYBOY Magazine has had a long history of supporting literature and writers with a particular emphasis on crime and noir. They have published stories by such notable names as James Ellroy, Lawrence Block, Jess Walter, Mario Puzo, Donald Westlake, TC Boyle and Denis Johnson's "Nobody Move" was first serialized in PLAYBOY.
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