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“Collective Punishment”

The latest volume of Brian Wood’s critically acclaimed war comic book DMZ, is on sale now. In “Collective Punishment” drawn by such artists as Andrea Mutti, Nathan Fox, Danijel Zezelj and David Lapham, citizens and soldiers – new characters and old – weather the storm of a brutal "shock and awe" bombing campaign on the DMZ.

Fables on trial for murder!

In the idyllic kingdom of Haven, the Frog Bombers are playing the Gobtown Crushers for the pennant. The problem? The star player of the winning team has been accused of committing murder during the victory celebrations. Now, Flycatcher (a.k.a. King Ambrose) has to judge the trial for which the penalty for the guilty is death. FABLES #92 and #93 will feature art by David Lapham (Young Liars, Silverfish)! Check out the cover of issue #92: fabl-cv921
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