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2011 JOE SHUSTER AWARD Nominees Announced Today

The 2011 JOE SHUSTER AWARD nominees for outstanding achievements of Canadian comic book creators, publishers and retailers were announced today. Among the nominees whose work has been published by DC Comics are, Francis Manapul, Fiona Staples, Cameron Stewart, Dave McCaig, J. Torres and Jeff Lemire, who was nominated in a total of three categories: Outstanding Comic Book Cartoonist, Outstanding Comic Book Cover Artist and Outstanding Comic Book Writer. Congratulations to all the nominees.


Northlanders: The Sea Road Or, THOUGHTS ON HAULING STINKING SHEEP PELTS DOWN THE AARHUS/HEDEBY CORRIDOR. Looking down the barrel of another Northlanders one-shot is a daunting thing. I tend to feel that with #17’s “The Viking Art of Single Combat” I wrote something that casts a pretty long shadow, and that was certainly the most ambitious script I had written to date. So when we needed another single issue to help line up schedules, it required a similar sort of out-of-the-box thinking.

First look at Fiona Staples interior art for NORTHLANDERS #29

Austin Trunick here, resident WildStorm blogger over at Graphic Content's sister blog, The Bleed. I'm stepping in for a very special guest post, because we're talking about two things I hold so near and dear to my heart: Fiona Staples art and NORTHLANDERS. Knowing my fondness for these, Pamela's very kindly offered me the opportunity to unveil the first look at the artwork here on the blog.

NORTHLANDERS #28 preview

We’ve survived the violence, hunger and death of the cold hard winter over the last 7 issues of NORTHLANDERS. Now, the conclusion of "The Plague Widow" sees Hilda and Karin faced with an impossible choice and a leap of faith. The brutal Russian winter closes in like a vice, and salvation could just as easily be a death sentence for one of them. Here’s a glimpse of what’s in store: [gallery link="file"]
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