The cover to HELLBLAZER: PANDEMONIUM was a long time in the making - I'm guessing the first sketch was conceived at least a year before the final image was decided upon. In a similar way to the first issue of a series, but possibly even more so, a graphic novel cover has to have specific considerations as it will be on the shelves for a long time. This led to a number of different ideas and treatments before everyone was happy with the design.

Vertigo Graphic Connection

Good morning Graphic Content readers! Today is very snowy in the big apple—the perfect day to stay in your pjs and read a good comic book or graphic novel or some of the great reviews and features they’re receiving. So, if you’re catching up on the week today here some things you should know: WIRED/Underwire interviewed Jamie Delano about the HELLBLAZER PANDEMONIUM original graphic novel set in the Middle East.
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