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3 Vertigo Original Graphic Novels To Look Out For in 2011

Vertigo has lots of wonderful graphic novels slated for 2011 and we're going to make some publishing news today. We've got the announcement of a memoir, the unveiling of a terrific blurb and an exclusive first look at an interior piece of art from one. Enjoy. So you’ve read Persepolis, Palestine, and CUBA: My Revolution among others. What’s next to curb your appetite for smart, personal, and poignant graphic novels? Well, we’ve got it. Get ready for MARZI to be published this Fall.

Peter Milligan on THE BRONX KILL

THE BRONX KILL – myth, mystery, map. The very name caught me. Hooked me and wouldn’t let me go. I saw it on a map of New York. I like maps. I particularly like maps of this part of the world, with its resonant, iconic place names. The Bronx Kill. That tiny place shoved to some dark recess of the map, like a dirty secret pushed to the back of a mind. Of course, for a writer (for a writer like me anyway) dark secrets have a special kind of allure.

From The Editor’s Desk: Karen Berger on Peter Milligan

March is the month of Milligan or Milligan is the march of the Month Whichever way you look at it, for all you Peter Milligan fans out there (and I am first in line, though I have to fight off many!) there are sensational stories galore every week of the month from one of Vertigo’s first and finest.
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