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From the Editor’s Desk: Mark Doyle on the cover of DMZ #49

"This issue changes everything..." "After this nothing will be the same..." "Everything you thought you knew about the DMZ changes now..." You hear these kind of buzz statements all the time. But seriously? We mean it this time. It's not just buzz. I remember when Brian first pitched this idea to us a year ago. He said, "okay, this story arc 'Hearts and Minds' is going to put Matty through the ringer and just when he hits rock bottom we're going to drop a bomb on him..." I didn't realize he meant literally. Check out that cover.

DMZ hits #50?

On Wednesday, we teased a few images from a project Jim Lee, Rebekah Isaacs, Fabio Moon, Ryan Kelly, John Paul Leon, Lee Bermejo, Philip Bond, Eduardo Risso and Dave Gibbons are all working on for Vertigo in 2010. Well, if they piqued your interest, you’ll be happy to know, (if you haven't guessed already or were sly like CBR/ROBOT 6), they’re from DMZ #50. That’s right, I said 50.

DMZ: Hearts and Minds part 2

All is not quiet in the DMZ. The world struggles to come to grips with Parco Delgado's nuclear revelation, and while he's shooting hoops and avoiding the press, Matty is out there forging new alliances and advancing his own agenda. With spy planes flying overhead and rumors of search-and-destroy teams being deployed, how long can any of this last? Not even the city's own new media outlet, Radio Free DMZ, has the answers.
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