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Vertigo: Graphic Connection

"Combining dark humor, suspense and intrigue, Bill Willingham's masterwork is like the Sondheim musical dramedy Into the Woods — if the book were written by Alan Moore. If you haven't read Fables yet, this is the perfect opportunity to start catching up." Who’s offering these kind words about FABLES Deluxe Vol. 1?

Kevin Baker’s Favorite Books About New York

Kevin Baker, author of the graphic novel LUNA PARK picks his favorite books about New York. The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald. Not only the great New York novel, the great American novel. Maybe the great Western novel of the 20th century. World’s Fair by E.L. Doctorow. Close to a memoir, and the very best by the master of historical fiction. The Power Broker by Robert Caro. The greatest book about politics and power ever written.

The Bronze Horseman

Throughout LUNA PARK, by Kevin Baker and artist Danijel Zezelj, the Aleksandr Pushkin poem, THE BRONZE HORSEMAN is referenced. For your enjoyment I’ll be posting the poem in its entirety. Also, check out Kevin’s On The Ledge piece that helps clarify its significance.

The Bronze Horseman A Petersburg Story 1833


On the Ledge with Kevin Baker

Vertigo On the Ledge: with Kevin Baker, author of LUNA PARK To quote Bruce Springsteen at the Oscars, thanks for letting me come to your party. I've been a professional writer since I was thirteen years old, and since then I've written just about everything, but Luna Park is my first graphic novel. It was so much fun to do, I should have been paying the good people at DC (a joke).


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