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Kevin Baker's Coney Island Trivia

Favorite Coney Island Trivia by Kevin Baker, author of the upcoming graphic novel LUNA PARK: --Before the boardwalk was built in 1923, competing owners of Coney’s beach used to mark off their territory by rolling barbed wire across the sand and into the water. --In 1884, one James Lafferty built an entire, 150-foot-tall, 34-room hotel on Coney…in the shape of an elephant. It even had a cigar shop in one of the legs and an observatory in the houdah.

Last Weekend of the summer food fest

In honor of the holiday weekend, Kevin Baker, author of the upcoming graphic novel LUNA PARK picks his favorite theme Park foods. Chow mein on a roll. Where else can you get that but at Nathan’s Famous? French fries. Another Nathan’s specialty. Cotton candy. Just why did anyone think they needed candy that tasted like cotton? On the old Coney Island, they sold entire, life-sized roasts and hams made out of sugar candy. Mmm!

Ferris Wheel or Roller Coaster?

Favorite Amusement Park Rides By Kevin Baker, author of the upcoming graphic novel LUNA PARK. LUNA PARK transports readers from New York City at the turn of the century to the Second Chechen War to contemporary Coney Island, where the magical days of Steeple Chase, Luna Park, and Dreamland are a thing of the past. And now, Kevin Baker transports you to some of his favorite Coney Island amusement park rides.

First Look at LUNA PARK

LUNA PARK, written by novelist Kevin Baker, drawn by Danijel Zezelj, and colored by Dave Stewart, is an epic, sprawling historical crime thriller that spans a century and is reminiscent of Kevin Baker's acclaimed novel DREAMLAND and David Cronenberg’s film Eastern Promises. Check out the stunning cover, seen here for the first time: cover-final-luna-park


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