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Annotating Sandman

Need to know everything about THE SANDMAN? Well, with THE ANNOTATED SANDMAN you can. In this installment of the 25 Days of Sandman, we’re taking a look at THE ANNOTATED SANDMAN. These gorgeous volumes feature commentary, historical and contemporary references, hidden meanings and more about the series that has become a worldwide sensation and that helped launch Neil Gaiman’s career.

THE ANNOTATED SANDMAN VOL.1 Nominated for Bram Stoker Award

The 2012 Bram Stoker Award Nominees have been announced, and we are pleased to report that Vertigo’s THE ANNOTATED SANDMAN VOL.1, the first of an incredible four volume series, has been nominated in the category of “Best Non-Fiction.”

THE ANNOTATED SANDMAN, is a fascinating look at the New York Times best-selling series, written by Neil Gaiman and illustrated by Chris Bachalo and many more.

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