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NORTHLANDERS #28 preview

We’ve survived the violence, hunger and death of the cold hard winter over the last 7 issues of NORTHLANDERS. Now, the conclusion of "The Plague Widow" sees Hilda and Karin faced with an impossible choice and a leap of faith. The brutal Russian winter closes in like a vice, and salvation could just as easily be a death sentence for one of them. Here’s a glimpse of what’s in store: [gallery link="file"]

Brian Wood month?

February 2010 brings much to be excited for by Brian Wood. DMZ and NORTHLANDERS will be reaching significant milestones and DEMO Vol. 2 begins! DMZ will be celebrating 50 with an oversized collection of short stories gathered by rookie journalist Matty Roth and illustrated by numerous, and may I say fantastic, artists, while NORTHLANDERS will be celebrating 25 with part 5 of the timely and compelling new 8 issue arc 'The Plague Widow.' Check out the covers:
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